Lease Management


Lease Management

FZY Properteries will look after your residential, commercial or retail properties, from finding you the right tenant and ensuring all documents to payments are in place, and to advice on market prices, marketing tactics and to even propose refurbishments that can enhance your property status and portfolio. Regardless of where you reside, whether in the country or abroad, we will look after your property and offer you a complete peace of mind. We work hard to find the perfect tenant for your property through our innovative marketing channels, along with value added management services such as viewings, document handling, contract management, rent collection, funds transfer in addition to inspecting and receiving the unit.

Benefits of Lease Management

Secure your property and ensure it's rented out in a timely manner.

Offer the units to prospective tenants.

Collecting the rents and depositing it to the Landlords account.

Provide you with financial reports on the unit.

Provide you with detailed status report on the unit condition upon inspection.

Receiving the unit on the Landlords behalf from the existing tenants or developers.

What Are The Lease Management Services Offered By FYZ Properties?

  • Providing valuable advice to the landlord in regards to the unit
  • Renting out the unit in timely manner without delay
  • Handling renewal and termination of contracts
  • Legalizing the contracts with the related authorities and as per the regulations
  • Authenticating contracts when required including Tawtheeq
  • Liaise between the old and new tenants to ensure the unit is vacated on time
  • Insuring a smooth move-in and move-out of the tenants in a timely manner
  • Manage the required clearances to transfer the water, electricity, cooling chiller etc.
  • Advising the Landlord with Market Status and Pricing Strategy
  • Implement the best Marketing Strategy
  • Handling insurance and finalizing Leasing Contracts
  • Collecting Rental payments and security Deposits
  • Insuring a smooth move-in and move-out of the tenants in a timely manner
  • Authorizing the release of security deposits if applicable
  • Inspect the unit before and the tenant moves-in and moves-out and when it’s vacant.
  • Update the Landlord on a regular basis on the status of the unit, and providing the financial statement related to the unit.
  • Conduct viewings on the unit


Most frequent questions and answers


  1. The original title deed of the property obtained from the Dubai Land Department (DLD).
    Original passport of the seller and any other documents and receipts belonging to the original sale and current state of the property.
  2. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the developer to confirm that the property is free from any liabilities.
  3.  A copy of the tenancy contract if the property is rented.
    A signed seller’s agreement, also known as Form A, when selling the property through a real estate agency.

In general, the average time on the market is 62 days. It varies, of course, depending on your location, listing price, home condition, and local housing market. Your real estate agency of choice can also play a role.

Here are three ways to determine the value of your property: Research last quarter sales reports from any agency. Check available listings online with similar sizes, locations, amenities, and conditions. Reach out to a property valuation team for a quote based on the market conditions.

Most homebuyers prefer ‘move-in ready’ properties that don’t require much work. It is advisable to address all repairs before listing your home on the market to fetch the best possible price.

All transfers are now handled through the designated Dubai Land Department Trustee Offices located throughout Dubai.

Contracts of sale are prepared by the agency handling your transaction in line with the government regulations.

A valid tenancy contract on the property does not prevent you from selling. It will be part of the agreement with a buyer to transfer the tenancy who will automatically inherit the terms and replace the seller as the landlord.

On average, a property transaction in Dubai takes around 30 days.


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