Property Management


Property Management

Being a landlord is great! Until you need to find a new tenant or deal with a faulty AC on your own. 

We’ll take care of it. Our end-to-end property management solutions cover everything you need to effectively position your property on the market and generate maximum returns on your real estate investments. Backed by a team of experienced in-house specialists, our property management experts are equipped with the right tools to oversee each phase of your assets’ lifecycle and maximize your residential, commercial and retail property’s value by providing efficient and high-quality solutions at every stage.


Our commitment is to provide you with the best services possible to enhance the quality of the living environment. With the finest team of dedicated professionals, we are equipped to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Benefits of Property Management

Secure the landlords property by ensuring its rented out in a timely manner.

Give attention to details and ensure the unit is kept in the best condition.

Manage the relationship and inquiries with the Tenants and Developer.

Provide financial reports on the units managed.

Provide detailed status report on the unit condition upon inspection.

Allow our Landlords to enjoy the return of their investment with FYZ Properties.

What Are The Property Management Services Offered By
FYZ Properties?

Our comprehansive management services includes Property management & Lease management services.

  • Providing valuable advice to the landlord in regards to the unit

  • Implement the best Marketing Strategy

  • Renting out the unit in timely manner without delay

  • Handling renewal and termination of contracts

  • Manage arranging Cleaning Services for the unit(s)

  • Authenticating contracts when required including Tawtheeq

  • Liaise between the old and new tenants to ensure the unit is vacated on time

  • Authorizing the release of security deposits if applicable

  • Manage the required clearances to transfer the water, electricity, cooling chiller etc.

  • Update the Landlord on a regular basis on the status of the unit

  • Manage the maintenance checkup for the unit prior to occupancy by the new tenants

  • Advise Landlord about the related issues pertaining to the unit

  • Handing all inquiries and complaints related to the unit
  • Advising the Landlord with Market Status and Pricing Strategy

  • Conduct viewings on the unit

  • Handling insurance and finalizing Leasing Contracts

  • Legalizing the contracts with the related authorities and as per the regulations

  • Collecting Rental payments and security Deposits

  • Insuring a smooth move-in and move-out of the tenants in a timely manner

  • Inspect the leased unit twice a year within the occupancy period to ensure the tenant is in the unit and maintaining the unit in a good condition

  • Representing the Landlord in Municipality and Governmental authorities

  • Manage and arrange for maintenance quotes and contract for the Landlord

  • Manage the preventive maintenance contract and ensure that is the place for a full year

Our Features

Monthly Account Statement

You receive your monthly account statement as soon as we start managing your property. You know exactly how much the maintenance work has cost, and how much you have received for your rent.


If you are about to receive your property from the developer we do it all for you.

Deposit Rent Cheques

No matter how many payments your tenants provide, we keep track of the dates and deposit your cheques into your account.

Maintenance Liason

We work with qualified tradesmen to deal with all maintenance issues promptly and cost-effectively.

Settle Security Deposit

We list all items that require deduction from the tenant’s security deposit, and we settle it with the tenants.

Restore Property Back To Rentable Condition

We oversee the restoration of your property to make sure it is put back into the condition the vacating tenant received it in.

Property Maintenance

We have our own team of maintenance ready to take care of your property.




Some people see property maintenance as a cost, but the way we do it you end up making money and protecting your investment.

We represent you in everything we do.

The Abu Dhabi real estate market is changing rapidly, many new towers and communities have been handed over. An apartment or villa no longer gets rented just because it’s available. Renting out your property now takes a professional to do it quickly and for the right rent. Engaging a professional property manager to represent your properties and give your insight into the market becomes critical to having successful investments in Abu Dhabi. 

FYZ Properties is here to maximize the income potential of your assets.

Stay Informed About Abu Dhabi Real Estate Law.

Abu Dhabi Real Estate is going through a transition, the government has gradually started to implement new laws and regulations, including 3% new tenancy tax, 5% rental cap, setting up of a land registry department, regulation of the percentage of transfer fees a developer is allowed to charge etc. The pace is slow but it’s constant. We help you stay informed about the new requirements and how best to react to them.

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Choose a company with experience and the right hands on approach.


FYZ Properties closely monitor the services rendered in its premises through our own Facility Management with a high standard of excellence, for its outstanding services keen to create a comfortable, enjoyable, and profitable lifestyle that matches the opulent standard of living.

We assist customers in identifying appealing and exceptional property possibilities while maintaining confidentiality and the finest levels of service.


The maintenance department is responsible for establishing and implementing a comprehensive maintenance plan for all properties that includes routine preventive maintenance, an emergency response plan, and a recovery plan.

We personalize our approach to each property throughout the Property Management process.



We give your property maximum exposure, as we want to get it rented for you asap! We complete the following for all vacant properties:


  • Market Analysis
  • For Rent Signs
  • Internet Listings
  • Website Virtual Tour
  • Property Viewings
  • Tenant Screenings
  • Landlord Verifications
  • Employment/ Income Verification
  • Deposit Collection
  • Lease and all Addendum Preparations
  • Move-In Inspection and Report with Photos
  • Annual Inspection
  • Debt Collection
  • Landlord Application



FYZP Team conducts a number of reports with all managed properties. This includes a pre-move-in report and a 7 day snag period for the tenant. The pre-move-in report will allow us to record the state of the property given to the tenant while allowing them to experience the property with the lights on and water running during the snag period. After this, a post move inspection is completed in which all issues are addressed and rectified, with the major/minor clause kicking in then thereafter. During the tenancy, our team regularly contacts the tenants and conduct inspections throughout the year to ensure all is well and taken care of. At the end of a tenancy, we ensure the property is returned to us in a clean, painted and tidy condition to begin the releasing process.




When handling a managed tenancy all cheques are collected under the landlords name post-dated. Once we bank the rental cheque in your account, we will upload you by email with the deposit slips and request you to confirm once the funds have reached you.


When banking a rental cheque our team first contacts the tenant to inform them via email and a message/phone call reminder to prevent a bounced cheque.


If, however, it bounces or does not reach your account for whatever reason, we contact the tenant for the reason and immediately become your debt collector, by collecting the funds within 48 hours at the most.



The tenants need to contact us in our dedicated telephone/email for maintenance and raise the request. Once we receive the request, our maintenance team will  will visit the tenant within 24hrs, and do the maintenance following the the minor and major clause listed on the tenancy addendums.


Contracts of sale are prepared by the agency handling your transaction in line with the government regulations.


We will keep you up-to-date as much as possible. However, the main aim of you taking our service is to sit back, relax and enjoy time with the family. Your key account manager will call you once a month to say hello and update you on your investment and tenant. If there are minor works with need to take place in the property audits charged to your tenants, we list this on file for record that the work has been completed, not having to bother you about the small issues. If there’s a major issue, with maintenance or anything else, we call you immediately to keep you in the loop and seek your advice & offer you solutions, the final call is yours and we follow that through.


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